Why is my Poop White?

Poop, or feces, is the semi-solid bodily waste which it expelled from the body through the anus. The waste is what is left behind after food digestion, and the waste is even highly rich in energy made use of by the decomposing micro organisms. The diet of the individual largely determines the texture, composition and color of poop, but most times, it is a smelly and an offensive combination of fiber, cellulose, phosphates, mucus, protein, cholesterol, inorganic salts, dead cells, water and both dead and living bacteria.

The Color of Poop

White is the rarest color among the ones generally seen among human beings. In most cases, poop is brownish because of the digestion of bile salts the liver made, and stored in the gallbladder. During digestion, the bile is released from the liver into the small intestine. This means that white poop is abnormal, and if you excrete it, you should visit your physician.

The Causes of White Poop

The presence of white poop should be investigated, and the common causes are discussed below.

Absence of Bile

The absence of bile is one of the common causes of white poop, and this means that there is a problem with the liver of biliary tract. This always happens because of liver infections and diseases. Conditions like viral hepatitis, cirrhosis or alcoholic hepatitis can cause changes in the functioning of the liver, leading to the absence of bile.

The Obstruction of the Bile Duct

You will have white poop if there is an obstruction of the bile duct. Certain conditions can be responsible for the obstruction; some of them are inflamed bile ducts, gallstones, lymph nodes which have enlarged inside the porta hepatis, injury to the gallbladder as a result of surgery, tumors in the bile ducts or pancreas, cysts in the bile duct and tumors which have spread to the biliary system. This problem is experienced when the person has a weakened immune system, causing blockage through injury to the abdomen, infection, biliary cancer, pancreatic cancer, biliary surgery, a history of gallstones or pancreatitis.


Certain medications can also make you to have white poop. They are anti-diarrheal drugs and large doses of drugs like Pepto-Bismol or Kaopectate. It can also be caused by some antibiotics, antacids and anti-fungal medicines.

Digestive Problems

Problems with the digestive system can also cause a white poop. The digestive system is made up of the tube which extends from the mouth to the rectum, and it is the one housing the esophagus, stomach and the intestines, in addition to the different organs like the liver and pancreas, which are connected to the tube. A duodenal, Whipple disease, fecal incontinence, esophageal achalasia or dysentery can cause changes in the color of the poop.

It is abnormal if you have white poop, and you should look for medical consultation immediately, especially if you have serious symptoms like severe abdominal pain, significant vomiting, high fever, seizures, sudden behavior changes and changes in mental status.

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