Why is My Poop Red

If you have red stool it could mean that you have internal bleeding in the lower gastrointestinal part of the body such as the colon. Since stomach ulcers cause internal bleeding, this may be another reason why you have red stool. Another reason why you could have red stool is because of any red-colored foods you ate. If you have hemorrhoids there is a chance you could get red stool occasionally because hemorrhoids occurs when the vein in your anal canal swells. If you currently have colon cancer you my get red stool from time to time.

Improper Digestion of Iron

In your body iron will look brownish or burgundy in color but when it is not digested correctly, it can pass out your body in the form of red stool. This is not a cause of serious concern and over time the red stool will disappear and return to the normal color of your stool.

How Can I Relieve The Red Stool?

Your choice of remedy depends on the source of the red stool. If you have hemorrhoids there are certain foods you can eat to reduce the red stool caused by this condition. These foods include legumes, whole grains, healthy fluids such as herbal teas, and fruits and vegetables. You can temporarily avoid red foods until the condition gets better. If it is because of internal bleeding from stomach ulcers, look for medicines that will eliminate ulcers.

How To Research Gastrointestinal Problems

If you have red stool and you are not sure if you have certain gastrointestinal diseases that are linked to the stool, you want to research these illnesses before meeting with the doctor. One way to research them is by reading medical journals that deal with digestive diseases because you will find information from leading experts who treat patients with these illnesses all the time. Another idea is to talk with people who dealt with red stools throughout their lives. There are also books you can read on this topic.

What To Expect At Doctor’s Office

Here is what you can expect when you visit the doctor’s office to determine the cause of the red stool. He will ask about your medical history and you would mention the red stool along with any related symptoms. If you think you may have colon or anal cancer, the doctor may give a colonoscopy and run additional tests to determine if you have it.


Red stool is generally not anything to get panicky about but if this has persisted for a few months, it may be a sign of something serious. Other causes of red stool include consumption of red foods, hemorrhoids, or inflammatory bowel syndrome. You can look for over-the-counter medication or get a prescription from your doctor concerning a remedy for red stool. Once you get the treatment it should take at least a few days before the red stool disappears. When you get rid of the red stool your digestive system functions better.

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