Why is my Poop Blue?

Poop is the waste material every living human being naturally gets rid of through the anus. About 75% of it is mostly made of water, while the rest comprises dead bacteria which helped in digesting the food, protein, living bacteria, waste material from food, undigested food residue (known as fiber), cellular linings, salts, fats, and so on. In most cases, poop is yellow or brown because it is made up of bilirubin, an orange-yellow substance present in the intestine. The combination of iron and bilirubin is what gives a brown color. However, what happens when an individual has blue poop? What could be the reason?

The Causes of Blue Poop

  1. Artificial Coloring – There are modern foods containing artificial coloring, deliberately done to make them attractive. The color of the poop being blue is as a result of edible dyes present in the foods and drinks. Some of the items which can let you have blue poop are Kool Aid, blue curaƧao, grape soda and colored candy. Health professionals usually suggest that the consumption of artificial colors should be limited, even though the colors are not known to have any direct harmful effects.
  1. Prussian Blue – You can also have blue poop through the indirect consumption of Prussian blue and pigments. If a person suffers from cesium poisoning, thallium poisoning or radiation poisoning, Prussian blue capsules can be used in treatment.
  1. Baby Formulas – You don’t need to be worried if your baby has a blue stool. That is common with babies, as the baby formula could be responsible, though this is not likely to be the case if the baby consumes the same formula. The baby discharges poops of different colors due to the ongoing formation of the digestive system.
  1. Blueberries – Natural blue pigment is present in blueberries. Therefore, if you consume a significant quantity, you are likely to be having blue poop during bowel movement. The quantity of blueberries needed to be eaten before having blue poop varies from one person to another, and the color should return to brown after you stop consuming blueberries.
  1. Consuming of Inedible Colors – Consuming inedible colors in significant quantity usually leads to an unusual coloration of the poop. A child who eats inedible colors like crayons, colors or glitters are likely to have blue poop during bowel movement. Glitters can be dangerous, causing dame to the digestive system, and should be taken away from the reach of children. The same thing applies to crayons, though it is not known to be harmful when consumed.

Those are the common factors responsible for the poop being blue. At the same time, a diet rich in protein and fat could also cause it. For instance, fat or protein-rich diet (eggs, meat, etc) are likely to make the stool to have a dark olive blue color due to the excessive bacterial action in the digestive system. A bad odor usually accompanies the color.

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