Why is My Poop Black

If you have black stool it could be because of dark or green-colored foods you are eating along with the consumption of iron supplements. A serious reason for black stool is internal bleeding and if this is the case you need to talk to your doctor so he can diagnose the problem. If blood is passing through the stool this may be another reason for the black stool.

Digestive Disorders

One of the main reasons for black stool is a digestive disorder. Disorders such as Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome have black stool as a common symptom and if you have this symptom as part of your disorder you can talk with the doctor for possible remedies. If you have a digestive disorder and take too many aspirins, you could develop black stool.


Ulcers are open wounds inside of the stomach area and this may led to black stool. In order to reduce the black stool you should read about and ask people who had stomach ulcers for assistance on relieving the black stool. If you are interested in natural methods of curing the ulcers, talk with people who are experienced in holistic treatment.


Hemorrhoid is a condition in which the veins inside the anal canal swell and aside from the nagging pain in your bowels, you could also get black stool when you use the toilet. There are numerous medications you can take for hemorrhoids relief and your doctor may also prescribe a medication.

Could It Be The Stomach or Colon Cancer I Dread?

If you get black stool there is a slight chance that you could have stomach or colon cancer, particularly if you had this cancer in the past or if you have a family history of it. You should visit the doctor right away because the cancer can be treated quickly if you receive early detection.

Leave The Pink Stuff Alone

While Peptol Bismol may work to relieve minor indigestion and diarrhea, this product is one of the main causes of black stool according to some health experts. They recommend that you cut out the use of the product temporarily until the black stool changes.

Eat More Fiber-Rich Foods

If you want to reduce the black stool in your bowels, you should eat fiber-rich foods because these foods reduce the risk of colon cancer and other digestive illnesses.


When you see black stool you do not want to immediately panic because in most cases it is not the symptom of a serious medical condition. However, if the black stool is coupled with other unusual symptoms in your digestive or renal system, you will need to see the doctor. Too often people ignore serious medical symptoms and wait until the problem becomes nearly impossible to treat. If you want to research the causes and remedies of black stool, read a few books and health articles on the topic. Another idea is to talk with people who dealt with this problem.

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