Why Does Poop Float?

Floating stool is a condition in which your stool floats when it drops into the toilet. Generally your floating stool is not the symptom of a serious illness but there could be a few explanations for this. One reason for the floating stool is an excess amount of gas in the stool and another reason may be because there is a high amount of gas in the stool.  Your floating stool is sometimes accompanied by abdominal pain, indigestion and a bad odor from the stool.

Diet Changes

Another cause of a floating stool could be dietary changes you made recently. For example, if you decided to become a vegetarian and consume a lot of beans, the high gas amounts in the beans may lead to floating stools. While this is not a bad thing, you want to keep this in mind when you eat beans and other high-gas meals.

Reduce Fats in Your Diet

If you have floating stools because of excess fat in them, it would be a good idea to eat a low-fat diet for the next few weeks. For example, you can eat fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamins and fiber such as berries, leafy greens, apples, citrus fruits, grapes, bananas and carrots. Also cut back on the soft drinks and coffee and instead drink more water.

Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a illness of the digestive system in which a person is sensitive to gluten, which is a protein that is found in most wheat products. It is for this reason that those with celiac disease cannot eat wheat products with gluten because if they eat these foods, it will damage their intestines. People with Celiac disease may also experience floating stool occasionally.

Cleanse Your Colon

One treatment for floating stool and other bowel movement problems is to cleanse your colon and the best way to do this is by taking a colon cleansing vitamin one to two times a day. This cleanses the gas and other toxins out your body and you should have better bowel movements. If you are interested in natural ways of cleansing your colon, visit your doctor or alternative health food store to get suggestions.


When you experience floating stool, it may feel irritating but usually it is not anything to panic about. However, if you have a family history of pancreatic, prostate or colon cancer or if you had this cancer in the past, the floating stool could be the sign of something serious. You should visit the doctor every few years so you can ensure you do not have the cancer. Floating stool can be corrected by reducing the amount of high fat and gaseous foods you eat and by detoxifying your body with water, fruits, vegetables and colon cleansing supplements. Cut back on sugary snacks, coffee and beer as this could irritate the floating stool you have. Finally, drink plenty of water.

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