What Makes Farts Smell?

Many people wonder what makes farts smell. The best way to understand why some farts smell and why some do not has to do with the farting process. Every single person has to fart and people who have recently died continue to fart for a little while. There are many reasons why people fart and why they do smell.

Swallowing Air Makes Your Fart

Everyone has to fart because every ends up swallowing air. Just like food, air has to leave the body. Many people think that burps are the same as a fart, but they are very different. Farts are made of gas with bacteria, whereas a burp is made up of more atmospheric gas, which is why burps leave through the mouth.

Bacteria and Sulfur Make the Stink

The reason that farts smell is because of the bacteria in them as well as the content of the food. When food has a high sulfur count, the fart will stink more than those without a high sulfur count. This is why people have incredibly stinky farts after they eat eggs and cauliflower. Many meats will make farts smell especially bad, too.

Beans Do Not Make Farts Stink

Many people believe that beans make smelly farts, but actually, beans do not make farts smell. They do, however, make people fart a bit more because of the sugars that the digestive system has trouble breaking down.

Fourteen Farts Per Day

Most people will actually fart about fourteen times each day. This is about one half of a liter. You may not be able to record the amount of air that is expelled from the body, but you can record how many times you fart. If you have been holding in your farts through the day, you will fart more at night, even while you are sleeping. The air has to leave the body, so it will do it eventually.

Nerves and Farts

There are a few things that will cause people to fart more throughout the day. Since farting is due to swallowing air, people who are nervous and breathe a little more frequently than those who are calm and breathing calmly. People who drink a lot of carbonated soda also have more farts throughout the day, because they are swallowing all of that carbonated air. Even though they are swallowing air, this type of air will not cause smelly farts.

Special Super Farting Food

If you really want to know what makes farts smell, try eating these foods: corn, cauliflower, beer, eggs, and raisins, along with different types of meat. You will certainly notice the difference in the smell of your farts when you eat these foods over eating other types of foods like lettuce, French fries, and licorice. If you chew gum or suck on candy throughout the day, you will also notice that you will fart a lot, but your farts will not smell. It is totally up to the food that you eat that determines whether or not your farts smell.

Dec 29th, 2012 | Posted in poop
  1. Nigger
    Feb 19th, 2013 at 06:16 | #1

    My Farts smell because it gives me knowledge.

  2. kraze z
    May 13th, 2013 at 05:16 | #2

    i fart cuz it’s the only gas i can afford!

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