What Does Healthy Poop Look Like?

Many people ask this question – what does healthy poop look like? This is asked especially if they are new parents. New babies will go through a few different colors and textures before their poop becomes something that parents will recognize. The same problem happens when children and adults go through different illnesses and they eat foods that are different than their normal menus. People do worry if their poop does not look like it normally does, or at least what they think it should look like.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you are worried about what your poop looks like, it is best to talk to your physician or health care provider about the quality of your poop. There are certain things to watch for, especially if you are keeping track of poop.

Baby Poop Changes

New parents will notice that the first poops from their new babies will look more like tar. This is a normal type of poop as a new baby’s body begins to adjust to life outside of the womb. As the baby gets older, poop will vary in texture. Babies who are breastfed have different poop than babies who are fed with formula. Then, once they begin to eat solid food, even if it is made into a slushy form, their poop will change again.

Children and Upset Stomachs

As children get older, they will have poop that resembles adult poop. Parents will be able to tell if their children are ill when their children’s poop changes texture. Children who have upset stomachs will have poop that is more like diarrhea in texture. Runny poop usually comes with stomach cramps and other problems. Your child will most likely tell you if he is not feeling well and if his poops are not normal. If you are worried, you can always bring in a stool sample to your children’s physician.

Adult and Normal Digestion

Adults will certainly know if their poop is not normal. Healthy poop will come out of the body without any difficulty, so if your poop is too loose or too hard, you will certainly know. Something else to consider is that poop should not float, and if it does, then you might have some problem with digestion that you should immediately have checked out by your health care provider. Most people will experience some diarrhea occasionally, but if you are having it on a frequent basis, it is another good reason to see your doctor.

Perfect Pet Poop

If you are wondering about your pets and what does healthy poop look like with your pet, you can certainly ask your vet about what your pet’s poop should look like. Different sized dogs will have different sizes of poop and the consistency will depend on how old your pet is and what type of food your pet eats.

Knowing what healthy poop looks like is important when you are monitoring the health of your own self, your children, and your pets. When you know what healthy looks like, you will be able to tell when things are not going well.

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